We use our expertise in human resources, leadership and business to help shape organisations, leaders and communities. 

We believe that all humans deserve to live free from violence and discrimination,  enjoy the highest attainable physical and mental health standards, be educated, own property, vote, and earn an equal wage for work of equal value.

We are grateful to all who have contributed and continue to contribute to social reform and address Inequality on all fronts, campaign for change, and stand up for the rights of others.

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Relate Consulting Group

“No one gets out of bed to be a bad person;
I honestly believe this. People are inherently good with complex needs. My work focuses on giving people the tools to understand themselves and each other better,
to relate to each other.”


- Jaz

Our founder

Jaz da Silva

Jaz is an accomplished executive leader, coach, and Circular HR practitioner with roots in creative industries and psychology. Her breadth of experience spans a variety of corporate cultures, both in Australia and internationally.


Jaz is the Founder and Managing Director of Relate Consulting Group, Founder and CEO of Jobbix, non-executive director for Switchboard Arts and former Managing Director and CEO of APRG. She is an experienced leader whose ability to foster strong relationships and enable a vision for a better future is both refreshing and inspiring.

The threads of her study of both psychology and theatre combined with her professional experience as an actor have given her a unique perspective on human behaviour in the workplace, including how human intent can translate into actions, thoughts, and behaviours, as well as creative solutions to business challenges. Jaz is a human behavioural enthusiast who will inspire you to see and do things differently.

Removing hurdles for women in business is a key focus for Jaz, having grown up surrounded by generational domestic violence and seeing firsthand the impact the traditional workplace has on both mothers and their children. Jaz brings to business a commitment to using her unique talents to unleash human potential through authenticity and the creation of circular work ecosystems. An expert at business process design and policy, she is the go-to for organisations looking to grow.

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We're looking for people and organisations aligned
with some of these goals:

Supporting vulnerable women through
mentorship and career counselling

Collaborating with startups founded by women

Furthering the advancement of sustainable Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs

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